Verizon and the secret phone number.

We moved recently and my husband is working from home.
He needs a second phone line since he is telecomuting, so I ordered one along with another jack.
Unfortunately, Verizon, the only phone company in this area, arranged an entirely different installation date for the second line and neglected to tell us.
Here is my conversation with the customer service representative.
This begins after I was informed that the line will be installed the following week.
I had just one more question.
A simple one, I thought:

(Please note that I did not record this conversation. I had no reason to believe it would be worth relaying, so I didn’t take notes either. In other words, I have paraphrased to the best of my recollection. But my recollection is pretty good. This, I could never forget.)

Me: So what is the number for the second line?
Rep: I can’t tell you that. It’s unlisted.
Me: But I ordered it.
Rep: Sorry. I still can’t tell you. It’s unlisted.
Me: Oh, so I’ll find out when it’s installed?
Rep: No. We can’t tell you what the number is. It’s unlisted.
Me: That makes no sense! I ordered the line. How do I find out what the number is?
Rep: You can make a call to another phone and find out from the caller ID.
Me (pausing, thinking about the probability that if the number is unlisted, it won’t show up on caller ID): Can I request a specific number?
Rep: Oh yes. You can do that.
Me: And then I’ll know what the number is?
Rep: Yes, then you will know what the number is.
Me: Okay then, how about 814-555-1212 (Note: the number has been changed to a fictional number to protect my husband’s productivity.)
Rep: It looks like that’s available.
Me: Then our second line will be 814-555-1212?
Rep: Well, we can’t guarantee it, but since it’s available, I’m pretty certain you’ll get it.
Me: Okay then.
Rep: Is there anything else I can help you with.
Me: I really don’t think so.

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