Success: a goal achieved

I did it!
I met my goal for National Novel Writing Month mom-style and I exceeded it by 2,319 words.
My total for the month: 27,319 words.
I even got a little Christmas shopping done on the side.
And thanks to my awesome husband, the house has not fallen completely to pieces. (He cleans. I am fortunate in that.) It’s garbage day again tomorrow and I’ve already remembered to put it out. I’ve gotten the kids to school on time every day and they even still know who I am.
That’s all far more than I anticipated.
Now for the next step.
I hope to finish the first draft of this novel by the end of January, but I want a better balance.
I want to exercise at least three days a week. I want to keep the house in a relatively orderly state. I want to spend some time playing games with my kids, giving the puppy the attention she deserves (So she won’t destroy any more leather furniture) and just hanging out with my husband.
So here we go.
On to December.
About 27,000 more words and a life.
That’s all I ask.

2 thoughts on “Success: a goal achieved

  1. Congratulations, Lori! Way to go. I'm very impressed. And wondering, with my 2-month old sleeping on my chest, how I would achieve such a task. Someday, I hope. 🙂

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