Running, running, running, running, running …

It was cool and raining.
Water seeped through my windbreaker and dripped from the rim of my hat as I ran down Main Street in our little town last night.
In the darkness, it was a bit like trail running.
I jumped around puddles that I didn’t see until I was upon them, I leaped over broken chunks of sidewalk. I strained to balance as I slipped on wet leaves. While passing under a street light, I glanced at the Garmin watch my husband had lent me.
I’d run almost 3 miles and I hadn’t even thought about running.
I had been lost in thought and in the challenge of keeping my footing.
I was running like I used to run more than five years ago before I became pregnant with the twins.
My body was straining, but my mind was free of it.
I had finally regained enough fitness to disconnect the physical from the mental.
I fell in love again … with running.
I am heavier than I was in my marathoning days and I certainly won’t be setting personal records in 5Ks any time soon. My pace was slow, more of a jog than a run. But I felt it again — that release that hooked the first time back in my teenage years.
I’ve regained that part of me.
I am back.
I am really back.

8 thoughts on “Running, running, running, running, running …

  1. Anonymous

    The imagery is excellent. I can feel the rain on my face, the joy you experience — even though my exercise is confined to walking.Judy Berman

  2. Thank you, Judy! Walking is awesome exercise too! My dear husband, you should have known better than to lend it to me in the first place! Let this be a lesson to you.

  3. Thanks, Nancy! It's taking a lot of patience on my part. I used to race almost every weekend and I ran a total of six marathons in my late 20s/early 30s. Then came kids. The first two slowed me down. The twins did me in. But I'm hoping to do one more marathon within the next two years just to prove to myself that I can!

  4. Misty Haynes

    December 1st is when you can start signing up for the 2012 Wineglass Marathon or half marathon. I'll be signing up for the half- not to win but for the pure joy that running continues to bring me. I admire your running history and your dedication to your running future. Looking forward to a run with you in the future. I'm always game 🙂

  5. Thanks for letting me know, Misty! I wouldn't have even thought about it until spring and I would have been way past the deadline. I'll be signing up for the half. Maybe we can train together this summer. Up for a few mile repeats?

  6. Misty Haynes

    Actually the deadline isn't until just before the race usually. However, both events were full this year prior to the deadline and there was a waiting list. It's one of those things I'm using as a motivator to keep me running. After all, this is my obsession, right? I worry about the winter months, when the treadmill is where most of my running will take place, but hopefully I can find peace in that until spring when I put my feet on the ground again. If only we could absorb some of the energy our 4 year olds demonstrate every day. 🙂 The Wineglass does have a Facebook page if you're interested in checking it out….

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