From coals to flames: A passion reignited

Soon after the release of A DEAD MAN’S EYES, I joined several Facebook groups geared toward readers and reviewers. My goal was promotion. I wanted to let readers know the book was out there and encourage reviewers to download the novel from NetGalley.

So I posted and I posted and I posted.

But there is one group I could not bring myself to include in my promotional efforts, The Book Hangout Spot. Yes, I have sometimes recommended my own novel when group members have indicated they are looking for a fast-paced read or a good mystery, but I usually find myself pushing the works of my favorite authors from all genres.

And I get a rush of excitement when I do it.

This particular group has reignited in me a passion that had been reduced to smouldering coals by my efforts to meet editing deadlines, write guest blog posts, do interviews and explore new ways to promote A DEAD MAN’S EYES. My to-be-read piles are huge but, in looking through them again, I now realize the books I feel I have to read outnumber the books I crave.

I want to support my crime-writing friends by reading their novels. I especially want to support my colleagues at Level Best Books by reading and promoting their awesome works. I also need to read new releases in my genre to keep up with the latest trends. Most of those novels are fantastic and I am glad to have read them, but I now understand I have been neglecting other authors and genres I love for more than a year.

I greatly enjoy mysteries and thrillers, but I love any book that is written on a level that transcends genre, including many crime novels.

I used to alternate books from two different to-be-read piles– one pile of crime fiction only and a second pile of books from other genres. But I looked on my nightstand and dresser a few weeks ago and realized only one book in those stacks would fall into a different genre.

The revelation saddened and inspired me.

That second pile is growing again thanks to the administrators and members of The Book Hangout Spot. Their passion for reading blew oxygen on my coals and reignited my own passion for all genres. Some of the members are authors and writers and book promotion is allowed, but, there seems to be an unspoken rule that we are united by reading in this particular group, not by writing. Readers do most of the promoting in this group, not authors.

So, to the members and administrators of The Book Hangout Spot, I want to say thank you.

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