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IMG_1128Magazine articles

From Crimespree Magazine:

Inside Sing Sing

From Literary Mama:

A Review of Woman, Running Late, in a Dress

Don’t Forget to Live

Mother-Writer: On Achieving Balance

From Parent Co. (Now

Does Your Kid Have Constant Heel Pain? It Could be Severs Disease

From The Doctor’s Prescription for Healthy Living

Supercritical Diet and Energy: Could This Be the Greatest Diet and Energy Product Today?

Taking Control of Menopause with Lignans

Newspaper articles

The Rural Data Journalism Project (This article appeared in print and online on, and in print and online in the Auburn Citizen May 5, 2019.)

As New York school enrollments drop, districts get creative to provide opportunities

Opinion Piece,

A former reporter’s view: Race, justice and police power

A sampling from my years at The (Syracuse, NY) Post-Standard, Herald-Journal and Herald American:

Parents Once Again: An Increasing Number of Grandparents are Taking Responsibility for their Children’s Children

Now, That’s Italian!

Poorer School Districts Point Students on Path Toward College

Debating the Merits of Chocolate Milk

Shooting Sparks Concerns About the Role of Latin Kings

Head Trauma Survivors Reach Out

Moms Blog

Interviews with stay-at-home moms for a book project

Who Am I Now? Honest Conversations With Stay-at-Home Moms

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