Non-Fiction by Lori Duffy Foster

Raising Identical Twins: The Unique Challenges and Joys of the Early Years

By Lori Duffy Foster

Austinburg Road Publications (September 11, 2017)

Do identical twins get the same teeth at the same time? Do they feel each other’s pain? Should they be placed in the same classroom or separated? Should they dress alike? Should they get the same gifts on birthdays and holidays? Are identical twins hereditary? Are their fingerprints alike?

When the hospital pediatrician told Lori Duffy Foster her twins were identical, her mind started reeling. She is a journalist and curiosity is in her nature. So she started a blog to record observations of her own twins as they grew, and to provide other parents of identical twins and their relatives with answers to questions they wouldn’t find anywhere else. That blog became this book.

RAISING IDENTICAL TWINS: THE UNIQUE CHALLENGES AND JOYS OF THE EARLY YEARS takes readers on a journey from the birth of her twins through their sixth birthday, and is peppered with fascinating facts, advice and studies specific to children who share DNA. It is intended to entertain and inform while, hopefully, spreading some of the happiness and love her twins bring her own family throughout the universe.